clouddrift.kinematics.residual_position_from_displacement(longitude: float | ndarray | DataArray, latitude: float | ndarray | DataArray, x: float | ndarray, y: float | ndarray) Tuple[float] | Tuple[ndarray][source]#

Return residual longitudes and latitudes along a trajectory on the spherical Earth after correcting for zonal and meridional displacements x and y in meters.

This is applicable as an example when one seeks to correct a trajectory for horizontal oscillations due to inertial motions, tides, etc.


longitudefloat or array-like

Longitude in degrees.

latitudefloat or array-like

Latitude in degrees.

xfloat or np.ndarray

Zonal displacement in meters.

yfloat or np.ndarray

Meridional displacement in meters.


residual_longitudefloat or np.ndarray

Residual longitude after correcting for zonal displacement, in degrees.

residual_latitudefloat or np.ndarray

Residual latitude after correcting for meridional displacement, in degrees.


Obtain the new geographical position for a displacement of 1/360-th of the circumference of the Earth from original position (longitude,latitude) = (1,0):

>>> from clouddrift.sphere import EARTH_RADIUS_METERS
>>> residual_position_from_displacement(1,0,2 * np.pi * EARTH_RADIUS_METERS / 360,0)
(0.0, 0.0)