clouddrift.wavelet.morse_amplitude(gamma: ndarray | float, beta: ndarray | float, order: int64 | None = 1, normalization: str | None = 'bandpass') float[source]#

Calculate the amplitude coefficient of the generalized Morse wavelets. By default, the amplitude is calculated such that the maximum of the frequency-domain wavelet is equal to 2, which is the bandpass normalization. Optionally, specify normalization="energy" in order to return the coefficient giving the wavelets unit energies. See Lilly and Olhede (2009), doi doi: 10.1109/TSP.2008.2007607.


gammanp.ndarray or float

Gamma parameter of the wavelets.

betanp.ndarray or float

Beta parameter of the wavelets.

orderint, optional

Order of wavelets, default is 1.

normalizationstr, optional

Normalization for the wavelets. By default it is assumed to be "bandpass" which uses a bandpass normalization, meaning that the FFT of the wavelets have peak value of 2 for all central frequencies radian_frequency. The other option is "energy" which uses the unit energy normalization. In this last case the time-domain wavelet energies np.sum(np.abs(wave)**2) are always unity.


ampnp.ndarray or float

The amplitude coefficient of the wavelets.



See Also#

morse_wavelet(), morse_freq(), morse_properties(), morse_logspace_freq().